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4.6 КВА Одиночная Фаза Красного Цвета С Таймером Молчком Тепловозный Коленвала
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4.6 КВА Одиночная Фаза Красного Цвета С Таймером Молчком Тепловозный Коленвала

Описание продукта

4.6 кВА Одиночная фаза красного цвета с таймером Бесшумный дизельный генератор коленвал\Н \Н \п \п




Mainly used








External Thread

Water Pump

Steel/Ductile Iron

Gasoline/Diesel Engine


Flat Key Shaft


Steel/Ductile Iron

Gasoline/Diesel Engine


Taper Shaft


Steel/Ductile Iron

Gasoline/Diesel Engine


Rectangular Spline Shaft

Farming Machine

Steel/Ductile Iron

Gasoline/Diesel Engine


Involute Spline Shaft

1/2 Reducer

Steel/Ductile Iron

Gasoline/Diesel Engine


Reversal Shaft


Steel/Ductile Iron

Gasoline/Diesel Engine


156F,172F,180F,186F,192F,168 Gasoline Change Diesel,SH12329-01,2V78-301  ...


You can customize a variety of crankshafts according to your requirements.

\п \п \п

1.Our company's crankshaft manufacturing industry began in 1995, has a wealth of manufacturing experience and technology, we have perfect production equipment and strict testing process.

2.Our company has a very high production efficiency, and can quickly meet customer needs.Ensure the stability of the quotation and protect the interests of the customers.

3.We have our own factory, the products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you, the price is more competitive.

4.Our company also regularly exchanges with foreign customers, products are mainly sold to southeast Asia, the middle east and the United States,Our products have received the unanimous praise from the domestic and foreign enterprises.

Описание продукта \п \п \п компанией \Н \Н информация \н \п \п

Chongqing ShuaiBang Machinery Co. Ltd. has been a professional engine crankshaft manufacturer since 1995, located in B District, LuoHuang Industrial Garden, Jiang Jin, Chongqing, with a very outstanding traffic advantage. ShuaiBang specialize in R&D, designing, and manufacturing on engine crankshaft. Its products spread on motocycle, unmanned aircraft, automobile and other universal engine crankshaft. Particularly, the company excels in diversified solar engine crankshaft with CSP. 

With 20,000 square meters’ base, including 3,000 square meters’office base, and 10,000 square meters’production base, Chongqing ShuaiBang Machinery Co. Ltd has more than 200 staff, and 30 senior technicians. Every year, over two million sets of engine crankshaft with 400 modules are produced in Shuaibang. All these products have been certified by ISO9001:2008. Shuaibang owns market share in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Motivated by the value Create Value to Customers via Multiple Products.ShuaiBang is committed to consistent service on best quality, long-term partnership and a win-win future with domestic and foreign clients.


\п \п \п \п \п \п \н и ответы \н \п \п

Q 1:

What terms of payment you can accept?

A :

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal,Credit Card,Cash.

Q 2:

What is your terms of delivery?

A :

We accept EXW, FOB, CFR and CIF.

Q 3:

How about your delivery time?

A :

We have the model 7 - 15 days delivery, custom model 30 delivery.

Q 4:

Can you produce according to the samples?

A :

A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.

Q 5:

 Can the company provide samples?

A :

A:Yes, but the customer needs to provide cost and freight.

Q 6 :

Do you test all your goods before delivery?

A :

Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

Q 7 :

What is the MOQ?

A :

Receive a variety of orders .

Q 8 :

Other questions?

A :

We can negotiate other issues,We try to provide you with solutions.

\п \Н \Н \Н

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